Hello! I’m Shraddhaa, a District Director of All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies (AIFAS) and a certified spiritual guide. Born into a spiritual Brahmin household, I’ve been drawn to the mystical and the divine since childhood. My journey as a spiritual guide began with my guru, Maa Subhra Banerjee, who taught me the ways of meditation, healing, and manifestation. Today, I’m a certified Tarot Reader, Angel Card Reader, Vastu Consultant, and more. I’m passionate about helping others find clarity and purpose in their lives. Through my personalized readings and guidance, I help you navigate love, relationships, career, and life’s challenges. Let’s connect and discover the magic within!

As I delve into the realms of the unknown, I find myself increasingly drawn to the fiery and fierce energy of Maa Kali. Her intense gaze and unwavering determination speak directly to my soul, reminding me of the power that lies within. In my tarot readings and astrological consultations, I often feel her presence guiding me, urging me to cut through the veil of illusion and reveal the truth. My connection with Maa Kali is one of deep respect and reverence, as I recognize the transformative potential that lies in her sacred energy. Through our bond, I am reminded to tap into my own inner strength, courage, and resilience, and to use these qualities to illuminate the path for others.